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Discovery – An early eating apple, crisp sweet and juicy.  Storage 10-14 days.
Grenadier – An early cooking apple an excellent cooker before the Bramley is ready.  Storage 2-4 weeks.
Katy – An early eating apple crisp and juicy, mild sharpness.  Storage 12-14 days
Worcester – An old variety of eaters crisp, sweet and juicy.  Storage 10-18 days
Laxton Fortune – Mid-season eating, sweet, juicy, slightly softer.  Storage2-3 weeks
Lord Lambourne – Mid-season eating, crisp and juicy with some sharpness.  Storage 3-6 weeks
Bramley – Most famous cooking apple.  Storage 4-8 weeks +
Jonagold – Late season eater, crisp and juicy, lovely flavour.  Storage 4-6 weeks
Golden Delicious – Late season eater crisp and juicy lovely flavour.  Storage 3-4 weeks
Victoria Plums – Most famous plum for eating.  Fresh, Jam or Bottling.  Storage 1-2 days
Williams – An early pear, nice flavour.  Storage 4-7 days
Conference – Well known pear, sweet and juicy.  Storage 1-3 weeks
Comice – Most sweet, most juicy variety.  Storage 2-4 weeks
For storing keep fruit in a cool place and check regularly.


We have been growing apples on this farm for over 100 years and have been selling to the public on site for over 40 years.
Occasionally the very old variety Beauty of Bath is available mid-late August.
The trees are pruned in the winter months and blossom visually blooms in mid may which is a beautiful time of year.  Upon request customers are free to walk through the orchards at most times of the year.


Apples are available in: -              


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Recently we have been growing some potatoes on the farm.  Varieties grown include:-